Granny Flats – Studio Apartments

3D Modeling to Site

Studio Apartments or better known as 'Granny Flats' are an affordable solution to expanding family needs.
Plateau Homes quality Studio Apartments are designed with thoughtful and economical use of space as a priority. They are stylish without loosing site of the budget.

Rising rental and housing costs

Governing bodies have identified the changing needs of families and communities over the last 15 years with rising rental and housing costs as a major issue that needs to be addressed.
One solution is to relax local planning guidelines for Granny Flats. For most it is now an easy an affordable option.   Learn More

Custom designs and 3D modelling of Granny Flats to your existing dwelling site is available

Plateau homes offers a service that helps visualize a proposed Granny flat idea on the intended site. Below a sample of 10 custom designed plans that range to the maximum floor area allowable for this type of dwelling.

All plans maximize space for ideal privacy and the build budget. We are constantly upgrading our site with new and exciting ideas and plan variations.

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Granny Flat Designs

The Willow

The Willow Studio Apartment features one generous bedroom with Walk-in Robe and Ensuite. It is 10 by 6 meters has open Living areas with functional Kitchen and separate Laundry.

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The Willow: 57m2 Starting from $68,400

The Birch

The Birch Studio Apartment features a generous bedroom with large Walk-in Robe. It is 10 by 6 meters and maximises Kitchen and Living areas by combining the Bath & Laundry.

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The Birch: 60m2 Starting from $72,000

The Eucalyptus

The Eucalyptus is designed for smaller lots. It measures  8.5 by 4.8 meters and uses it's space and storage wisely with its generous En-suite area.

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The Eucalyptus: 40.8m2 Starting from $58,000

The Wattle

The Wattle is economical designed for narrow situations. It measures  10 by 5 meters with large Bedroom and Walk-in Robe making the most of it's footprint.

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The Wattle: 50m2 Starting from $60,000

The Banksia

The Banksia is economical designed with spacious deck. Measuring 10 by 6 meters it features separate Bath Toilet and Laundry with plenty of  storage.

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The Banksia: 57m2 Starting from $68,000

The Grevillia

The Grevillia has large living area and utilises a spacious deck. Measuring 10 by 6 meters it features combined Bath Toilet and Laundry. Plenty of storage in Master bedroom.

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The Grevillia: 60m2 Starting from $72,000

The Beech

The Beech Studio Apartment features an Ensuite and Walk-in Robe and generous master bedroom. Intelligent use of the 'U' shaped kitchen maximises the Beech's Living areas.

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The Beech: 60m2 Starting from $72,000

The Illawarra

The Illawarra is an economical 8.5 by 7 meters 'L' shape for best use of the Lot. With wrap-around deck for al fresco dining, this apartment is ideal for tricky boundary considerations.

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The Illawarra: 60m2 Starting from $78,000

The Sandalwood

Studio Apartment with 2 bedrooms plus built-ins with functional Kitchen with Laundry closet. Measuring 10 by 6 meters and optimized to invite living areas to spill onto entertainment deck.

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The Sandalwood: 60m2 Starting from $84,000

The Oak

The Oak maximises it's 10 by 6 meters and boasts a guest room. A Studio Apartment that is spacious and a roomy Living area opens onto deck. Features a separate Laundry.

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The Oak: 60m2 Starting from $84,000

The Carabeen


The Carabeen is well suited for narrow site situations maximizing every inch of it's elegant 15 by 4 meter footprint.
The bedroom is spacious with generous mirrored robe and it's roomy Living area invites you onto it's deck. Features a separate Laundry and large Bath.
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The Carabeen: 60m2 Starting from $86,000

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[Please Note: Granny Flat designs are not available for all areas and are subject to local council planning requirements.] Prices shown are exclusive of GST and are a guide only from floor level due to site variations and local planning regulations.